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Beacon House was founded in 1997 to provide men suffering from alcohol and drug addiction with a safe, structured and accountable living environment.  We are the next step after detox on the addiction treatment continuum of care for individuals seeking long-term recovery management. Our goal is to return men to a sober, independent and productive life.  We are the only transitional living facility in the region that provides residents in their first year of sobriety access to intensive clinical treatment, onsite life skills education and case management, and peer support. Beacon House’s sober housing and high-quality recovery program have played a critical role in the success of thousands of people in their path to recovery.

“I love this place and what it has brought to my life.”- 12/12/17


“I was lucky enough to come from rehab for a tour…I knew returning home would be less than beneficial to my sobriety.” – 11/29/17


“I have gained some of the greatest friendships that I know are going to last. I have also gained the longest period of sobriety in my life.” – 11/29/17


“I have done more with my life and state of emotions in the past 9 months than I have in the past 15 years. I have made some of the best friends I’ll ever have, made huge strides in my career choices and I have no urge to use drugs or drink.”


“I have gained the foundation and knowledge needed to stay sober. I have gained friends and the ability to stand on my own two feet.”