The Beacon House opened its doors in 1997 when a Louisville couple trying to help their son continue to progress on the path to recovery found few options for safe, sober residential programs in the area. As many people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction and their loved ones know, the path to recovery often starts in an inpatient treatment center, but the real work begins once they leave and there is much to be done in the first year of sobriety.  The first year of sobriety requires support on many levels for individuals to be successful in staying sober—housing, continuing substance use treatment, social, vocational and life skills. The founders realized that recovery housing after treatment was the linchpin to not only maintaining sobriety but to becoming happy and productive members of the community. As a result of their efforts and the generous contributions of many supporters who believed in their vision, the couple raised $1 million and built the Beacon House in downtown Louisville. Since that time, the Beacon House has helped thousands in their quest for sobriety.

From the beginning, Beacon House was envisioned as more than a half-way house. The founders adopted a transitional living model and developed comprehensive life skills programming that prepares residents for a sober, independent life.  Beacon House has grown its recovery support services over the years to include coordinating with third party intensive outpatient treatment centers to provide clinical services for all of its residents. As Beacon House has increased its capacity to serve 50 men, it has added case management, life skills, and round the clock resident managers who are Certified Peer Support Specialists.  Beacon House partners with inpatient treatment facilities across Kentucky, the departments of corrections, and other chemical dependency professionals to provide continuity of care for those stepping down from acute treatment.

Beacon House alumni graduate our program and give back to the community, enjoy better health, develop careers, and return to their families. This is the legacy of our visionary founders whose efforts in 1996 started the momentum that continues to this day.


Purpose: Beacon House provides a path for a sober, meaningful life of dignity.

Mission: We provide structured recovery housing with access to substance use disorder  (SUD) treatment, on-site case management and life skills development in a safe, accountable environment.

Vision  – using an atmosphere of compassion, respect, caring, contact and support for the residents, and by using accountability, encouragement, mentoring, coaching, and training, help them build a self-directed and solid foundation of long-term recovery and life skills so that they can become happy and productive people in and out of the Beacon House.


#1 Spirituality – provide an atmosphere of willingness, honesty and open-mindedness with a belief in a higher power and of giving oneself for the benefit others.

#2 Living – provide a safe, sober pathway to long-term recovery with structure, accountability, trust, safety and hope.

#3 Health – provide the clinical and therapeutic services to address the physical and psychological nature of the disease of addiction. 


Foster Hope
Treat with Dignity
Show Compassion
Be Accountable
Foundation of Spirituality