Intensive Outpatient Programs

Beacon House requires all of its residents to complete an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or to have recently completed one. Many inpatient treatment and stand-alone centers provide IOP’s, and they are consist of clinical, education and group therapy classes held 3-4 days/per week for 9 to 12 weeks. Beacon House works closely with inpatient facilities providing IOP to coordinate with their clients stepping down from inpatient treatment.

The Morton Center
1028 Barret Ave.
Louisville, Ky. 40204
Phone: 502.451.1221

The Brook Hospitals
1405 Browns Lane
Louisville, Ky. 40207

4418 Malcolm Ave.
Louisville, Ky. 40215
Phone: 502.713.7017

570 S. Fourth Street #100
Louisville, Ky. 40202
Phone: 502.694.3323

Our Lady of Peace
2020 Newburg Road
Louisville, Ky. 40205
Phone: 502.451.3330

For a more comprehensive list of Intensive Outpatient treatment providers please call our intake line at 502.581.0765.

Department of Corrections

Beacon House works closely with the Department of Corrections to aid in the re-entry of incarcerated individuals with substance use disorder.

Jefferson County Jail

Drug Court

Home Incarceration Program (HIP)

District 17 Office of Probation & Parole